Domain Flipping

What Is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is the act of buying and selling domains for financial gain. The sold domain names may be developed in a full website to generate revenue or remain dormant until a new owner buys them. On average, buyers make anywhere from 7% to 12% per month on their initial purchase price when they flip a name they bought at auction or through a broker. Some investors make as much as 20% per month. But, it’s not easy to find those deals unless you are very experienced.

There are dozens of ways to make money online. Still, some people choose domain flipping because it has an immediate payoff. You can start making money with flipped domains on your first day in business, unlike many other strategies that require some investment before you see returns.  Unlike other strategies, there are few restrictions on flipping domains to make money. You can sell them directly to clients or work with brokers who buy and sell domain names for a living. You can also start your brokerage if you have the capital.

The most important part of domain flipping is finding good deals at reasonable prices because it’s much easier to make money when your initial investment is lower than your potential earnings. This article will help you understand the basics of what makes a decent deal so that you can get started making money as soon as possible.

How to Buy a Domain?

The process of buying a domain is straightforward, as long as you do your research and try to understand the industry.  There are three ways to buy domains: Auctions, Brokering, and Private Sales. Each has its pros and cons – and in general, they all cost more than anyone would like them to.

Auctions: There are thousands of public auctions happening daily. But most deals never make it out of the starting blocks because people don’t know how much to bid for their names.

Private Sales: There are many places to find private domain sales. However, if the seller knows what they have is good and no one has bid on it yet, there is a chance that they will not accept your offer (even though they may be asking way too much).

Brokerage: If you don’t want to pay the total price for domains that aren’t moving in public auctions and with private sellers, then consider using a broker who specializes in sold/unsold premium names and having them negotiate on your behalf. Sometimes you can get great deals this way if the name is desirable enough to attract interest from brokers.

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What is Domain Arbitrage?

Domain arbitrage is a form of flipping that involves buying domains that have not yet been developed into websites or sold online anywhere else, then reselling them at higher prices without adding any value to the name itself. It’s also known as backdoor arbitrage because it uses an alternative approach after someone has tried to sell their names but failed.

All you need to start domain arbitrage/website arbitrage is a good appraisal of the value of certain words and a winning sales pitch because it’s all about finding deals that look too good to be true.  You can find hundreds of lists online with extensive lists of names that have not been developed, but make sure you don’t buy anything without first checking if anyone tried selling these domains before you.

You should also remember that this business model requires a lot of work, including developing websites for these new properties and getting customers interested through the usual marketing channels.  If you’re not prepared for this level of commitment, it might be better to stick with flipping short domains instead.  Once you’ve built up enough confidence and capital go after more prominent names.

How Do You Make Money With Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is a business model involving buying the right to use another company’s web address and then selling it for more money.

The most common way of making money with domain flipping is reselling names on online auction sites. Website traffic and visitors are significant in this niche, so you should buy domains with an attractive name and a good backlink profile.  However, since there are many people in this business and competition is high, you need to know how much your domain is worth to sell it successfully in the future.  Here’s where your appraisal skills help you determine whether or not a given name can be sold successfully. Otherwise, it makes sense to hold on to everything until someone makes an offer.

There are several good tools you can use to estimate the value of a domain. Your best bet is to go with an appraisal service because they consider many different factors to determine a domain’s worth.

Types of Domains that are Best to Sell

Selling domains is not as complicated as buying them, but certain aspects may seem confusing at first.  This is especially true if you’re new to this business.

For you to find success as a domain flipper, you need to understand how much your names are worth and what types of names will sell easily once they’ve been developed into websites or sold online through brokers instead:

Find Short Domains

You should always look for short domains because people usually prefer these over others. Avoid buying domains with hyphens, numbers, or symbols because they typically don’t convert.

Buy Expired Domains

Search for the most profitable expired domain names currently available on the market.

Buy Local Domains

Many local businesses are looking for ways to advertise themselves online. You can take advantage of their lack of knowledge and grief by buying domains that describe their business then reselling it to them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Acquire Brandable Domains

There are plenty of brandable domains available on the market right now.  However, certain domains tend to sell better than others: short, low letter count names.

Ensure Your Domain has .COM Extension

Most web users tend to prefer .COM domains because it’s the industry standard and has been around for a long time. Any other extensions will lower the value of your domain and make it harder for it to be sold.

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How Long Does it Take to Buy and Sell a Domain?

The time it takes to buy and sell a domain depends on the development potential of that particular name. If it already has good SEO rankings, someone will be willing to pay more for it.

It doesn’t matter whether the names you’re buying are short or multi-worded because there are always people who would like to buy them to either turn them into good website properties or make money by selling their web development services.  You need to consider how much your domains are worth since this will determine whether you can successfully sell them after developing them into websites or online stores, etc.

Even brandable domains should be developed enough before trying to resell them successfully, too, since people won’t buy them if they’re not being advertised by websites that are already popular.  If you want to succeed as a domain flipper, then you need to understand precisely what your domains are worth and how much money you can make after developing their potential or reselling them too. This is the only way to ensure that your time and effort will pay off.

Tips to Make More Money Flipping Domains

You can do many things to make domains successfully, but they all come down to the same basic rule: research.

You should always try to find the best new domain names for sale before selling them or developing their value with various SEO techniques.  There are plenty of people looking to buy unique website properties that are easy for their customers to remember regardless of advertising budget.

Find out how long it takes for your domains to expire after buying them.  Then, register that time into an Excel spreadsheet so you know when they’ll be available again. Keep in mind that most good websites take several months of work before becoming successful enough. So, don’t assume that trying to sell fully developed websites is easy.

You should never forget the basic rule of starting low and increasing your prices slowly but surely. If you can get enough practice, the chances are that an excessive income is only a month or two away.


Domain flipping is one of the most effective ways of making money online.  There are always people looking to buy good names to either sell them for a higher price or develop their potential by using various SEO techniques.

Domain flipping doesn’t require you to have any previous knowledge about website creation or online business. So, anyone trying to make a living from home can easily take advantage of this kind of work too. If you want a long-term career as an affiliate marketer that will never run out of customers because there’s always someone selling something new on the internet, then domain flipping is the best option for you. Domain Flipping offers excellent pay, constant work and additional bonuses which can increase profits when done carefully.

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