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  • Obtaining a unique SSL certificate does not get any simpler than this. You order it from your personal Web Site Control Panel and it will be prepared for you within minutes. You won’t need to check out a differing supplier only for an SSL and you can forget being required to waste your time waiting for days and nights to have it generated.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • Applying and configuring your SSL Certificate manually can often be difficult not to mention complicated. By reason of this, if your domain name is hosted with us, you will get the new SSL certificate configured routinely. Zero setup demanded – our smart system will complete everything and setup for you.

  • 24x7 Suport
  • 24x7 Support

  • You will find 24x7 support with all of our web hosting services. The tech support specialists possess a lot of practical experience handling SSL and they’re prepared to assist you with challenges that you can experience. They have a standard answer time frame of less than 20 min!

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $20.00
Wildcard SSL $105.00

SSL with One Website Hosting

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate really is a must–have if you are planning to construct or presently have an online shop. The point is to effectively secure the connection between the customer and the web site. By doing this, all the data will be broadcasted in a very safe setting, significantly reducing the prospects for credit card theft or data improper use.

SSL tend to be very useful if you are planning to supply your web visitors accessibility to an administrative zone. For those who have protected the sign in form by using an SSL, the account data will be broadcasted in a secure and safe way.

All SSL generated by One Website Hosting are based on leading–edge criteria. We partner with Sectigo in order to supply a genuine 2048–bit data encryption coupled with a $10 000 USD guarantee for every SSL. Fresh SSL are issued in a maximum of 30 minutes following your order and also the installation is really so effortless. You are able to decide to have your SSL certificate set up by our tech team should your website is hosted in an account with us.

Along with normal SSL, we offer you wildcard SSLs. A wildcard SSL certificate will work for all subdomains of a domain name, whilst a normal SSL certificate will function for one host. Wildcard SSL can be extremely handy for those who have an enormous website with an admin area, an e–shop as well as a forum, and you intend to secure each of the abovementioned with the help of a single certificate.

You can buy an SSL certificate with each one of our web hosting solutions – Linux shared web hosting service, Linux VPS service, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers.

Whois Privacy Protection

An effective way to hide your personal info

With the WHOIS protection feature, you’ll be able to conceal your personal info that shows up online upon a WHOIS lookup on your domain. Thus, if somebody carries out a WHOIS lookup on your domain, they will see fictitious information instead of your personal details. With this option enabled, you won’t ever have to be worried that somebody could use your physical address or telephone number to disturb you.

The WHOIS protection option is available with most of the domain extensions offered on our website and you can find it in the Domain Manager integrated into your Control Panel.

Whois Privacy Protection

Wildcard Domains

Set up a wildcard domain name with a mouse click

With the help of the Wildcard DNS functionality, you’ll be able to make all your active sub–domains forward to the index page of your website. For instance, if a person types smth.domain.com or any.domain.com, they’ll be forwarded to http://domain.com/.

You may need the Wildcard DNS feature for a multisite application such as Joomla Multi–Site or WordPress.

To activate a wildcard domain, go to the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and then press the Add Host button on the right. At the bottom of the list of options, you’ll notice the Wildcard Domain checkbox.

Wildcard Domains

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Promptly register a wide range of domain names

Registering a number of domain names at the same time can often be a challenging operation. Because of this, our company offers a bulk domain name registration tool built into our web hosting Control Panel. It permits you to quickly register a lot of domain names simultaneously.

You will be able to enable Whois Privacy Protection, to change your WHOIS data, to choose whether to host the domain name in question in your web hosting account or not.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Straightforward WHOIS Management

Revise your domain name’s WHOIS details with only a click of the mouse

Each domain registrant is required to present detailed and precise registrant contact info. This is actually the so–called WHOIS information. Since it ought to be as accurate as possible, it often needs to be edited. And in case you have to alter the WHOIS information for more than one single domain name at a time, this may be a quite tough operation.

Via the Domain Manager interface, you’ll be able to easily modify the WHOIS information for one or several domain names simultaneously. All modifications will be reflected online almost immediately.

Straightforward WHOIS Management

Domain Name Parking

Domain name parking done straightforward

With our web hosting Control Panel, domain parking is simple and quick. You simply have to choose the domain name you intend to to park and to choose one of our domain name parking themes – For Sale or Under Construction. Our smart system will park your domain momentarily with zero wait time. If you have to un–park it, it can be done with just one mouse click.

If you desire to lend a tad more personal touch to our domain name parking themes, you can also insert a custom text message.

Domain Name Parking

DNS Record Control

Gain total control over your DNS settings

The Domain Manager offers a built–in Custom DNS Records section through which you’ll able to configure all types of DNS records for your domain name. With just a simple mouse click, you can set A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT resource records and update them anytime you need! Just fill in the new value for the DNS record that you want to add and press the Add button!

Through the Domain Manager, you can also register nameservers for your domain and revert a DNS entry to its default state with only a simple click!

DNS Record Control
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